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Why you should use Yazena

Human Traffic

By using our traffic exchange, you are 100% guaranteed to receive real, human traffic only, which is a huge advantage over paid (fake) traffic

Increase Site Value

Getting real human visitors to your site can boost you site's value by 10 to 50 times!

Skyrocket Stats

Big traffic means big business. Not only does traffic look great, it also boost your Alexa rank, along other stats

No footprints

Real humans will visit your site in their own browser. This leaves no footprints because all traffic is genuine

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Easy Interface

Using our app is simple and fun. Add your own website through the member dashboard to start receiving traffic. To earn more points, you simply visit other users’ websites. The more points you have, the more traffic your site will get.

For those of you who are too busy to visit other people’s sites, we offer points for you to buy. Starting at just $1.99 for 100 points! This is far cheaper and much safer than any fake traffic provider.

Safe Traffic

Fake and botted traffic can seriously harm your website. Users have reported Google ranking drops and even Google AdSense bans for using fake traffic. Fake traffic is often sold as “real traffic” on online marketplaces such as

As you can see by using our app, all traffic is from real human beings just like yourself. This is the safest traffic you can get and will never get your AdSense banned or rankings reduced. Real traffic also leads to genuine engagement with your content and can even lead to conversions.

Proven Value

One of the most important factors in deciding a website’s value is the traffic. High traffic sites typically sell for 10 to 50 times more than those with low or no traffic.

Our traffic has proven to be valuable to webmasters just like yourself. Our traffic can be used for almost any web content viewable by humans, such as YouTube videos, blog entries, news articles, photos, social media accounts/posts etc.

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