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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is your platform free?
Yes, our platform is 100% free to use. You get points by visiting other websites. The more points you have, the more visitors YOUR site gets.

For those who want to speed things up, we offer points, extra website slots, extra session slots and account upgrades.
2What are the prices for upgrades?
Please create an account and sign in to see current prices
3How do I know I’m getting traffic?
We offer a simple stat manager on your account dashboard. You can see all the traffic you’ve received by each day.
4I’m not getting traffic anymore. What happened?
Every user starts with 5 points. Once these are gone, you will not receive any more traffic until you visit more sites or buy more points.
5Can I only submit my website?
You can submit any viewable online content, as long as you have the link. We allow traffic to YouTube videos, social media accounts, social media posts, images, news articles etc.
6How many websites can I submit?
Every account can submit 1 website. If you want to buy more website slots you can upgrade your account or simply buy them separately through the member area.
7I usually just buy traffic from Fiver. What’s the difference?
Cheap traffic from marketplaces such as Fiver.com is usually fake. Getting large groups of real humans to visit your site for such a low price is not very realistic.

Your solution: use a traffic exchange. It guarantees real visitors that you know are real. We offer cheap point packages so you can keep your costs just as low.

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